Take a Moment to Check Out These Tips!

Having had the pleasure of entertaining well over 100,000 people over the years, we like to offer the following as the folks with the best seat in the house:


1. It is our belief that the reception at your wedding is a gift that you give your guests for being present to witness your vows! You are providing a great atmosphere with food, drinks, dancing, and lots of memories to be made … SO, they are all taken care of! Do not spend the traditional 45 minutes of your day walking around thanking people, etc. That time is YOURS and you have already thanked them with that gift.


2. Its YOUR DAY! It is not mom’s, dad’s, Aunt Susy’s, or anyone else’s … It is also NOT your photographer’s. Some have spent years planning their big day and it seems that there is too much outside influence when that day comes … Enjoy yourself! Do what YOU want to do … Trust us, it goes by in what seems to be 10 minutes.


3. Let your vendors work for you! You have hired the best so let them take care of you! There is little to no reason for you to run around making sure that everything is taken care of … It's already is taken care of.


4. You have hired groomsmen and bridesmaids for the day … Although their only payment is the honor to participate, put them to work! If you cannot find your shoes, tell your maid of honor to find them!


5. End on a GOOD note! As the night goes on, many have probably had their share of dance juice, fun punch, or whatever libation they have chosen to get the necessary buzz to do the Wobble. But there is always one or two that over do it. we have seen fights, brides run out, grooms pick up on bridesmaids and just about anything else you can imagine! Do not let the night end on a bad note because that is what will be the freshest memory forever! When it is time to leave, give some hugs and kisses, get that great photo and wave goodbye …